This upcoming week is #11 on the Standing Firm movie shoot. It's been a long process and the number of shooting days left is extremely small. Tensions are high, patience is growing thin, and the amount to be completed in this upcoming week from the 19th-22nd of Aug. is MONUMENTAL! We have more to shoot this upcoming week than has ever been shot in a combined 2 week of average shooting. We need some SERIOUS PRAYER FROM ALL OF YOU! Pray that God would Bless the shooting days, that all that is needed would be acquired, and that all scenes would end up as planned and not require any reshooting later. Pray that the weather would be adequate for shooting (something that hasn't given us favor in the past 3 weeks), and that all other things included in the shooting of the film runs smoothly. This is a very scary time in the shoot of this film and we will need nothing less than God's overwhelming providence over the shoot for it to succeed, so pray for that.

Psalm 55:22 - Cast your burden upon the Lord and He will sustain you: He will never allow the righteous to be shaken.

Habakkuk 2:2-4 - Then the LORD answered me and said, "Record the vision, And inscribe it on tablets, That the one who reads it may run. "For the vision is yet for the appointed time; It hastens toward the goal and it will not fail. Though it tarries, wait for it; For it will certainly come, it will not delay. "Behold, as for the proud one, His soul is not right within him; But the righteous will live by his faith.

micInterview Available at TitleTrakk.com!
An interview with Writer/Director/Exec. Producer of STANDING FIRM, Kyle Prohaska is available on TitleTrakk.com. Kyle talks about the film, how it got started, the inspiration behind it, and the mission statement for Praise Pictures Inc.

This is our first public interview! Be sure to spread the link around to anyone you can.

Don't forget to check out the other great content on the site as well, lots of great interviews with other Christian musicians, filmmakers, and writers!

View the interview at TitleTrakk here.


FIREPROOF is an action-packed love story from the creators of FACING THE GIANTS that opens September 26 in theaters across the country. FIREPROOFmymarriage.com is a sister site to the movie's main site Fireproofthemovie.com. It has all sorts of information about the film but most importantly resources to help families and marriages especially, get back on track. The site is broken down into catagories so pick yours and enjoy! OFFICIAL TRAILER FOR THE FILM NOW AVAILABLE!

Visit FireproofTheMovie.com

micNO Greater LOVE - Teaser Trailer Available!
A new film NO GREATER LOVE is coming soon and along with their website and blog, they now have a Teaser Trailer available. Visit the homepage to see the trailer. They even have it available in HD formats!

Visit the NO Greater LOVE website

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