micJuly & The Tough Stuff
July will be a tough month for our Cast & Crew. We are shooting some of the most difficult sequences of the movie, especially the church scenes. We are still trying to gather extras for the church scenes because we need pews filled. If you are local to the films production and want to participate in being an extra please email us here. Please pray that moving into July all goes well and that the tough scenes we need to break through would be completed with razor sharp accuracy, on budget, and on time!

micSite stats...through the roof.
Since we began shooting, the amount of visitors coming to our website has skyrocketed! Just this month we've acquired over 2400+ visitors to the website and blog. Thanks to all the bloggers, christian film sites, facebook users, and any other supporters who have been sharing the films web address with their friends, family, co-workers, and whomever else. It's vitally important that all of you continue to do so as we move closer and closer to the films completion in the coming months.

micPhoto Gallery now ONLINE!
A few days ago the Gallery went online on the Standing Firm website. You can see a handful of Production Stills from the footage we've shot so far as well as Behind the Scenes photos from the set. Be sure to go there and check the photos out! Special thanks to our Gaffer Shaun Smith who took all the on set photos inbetween shooting.

Visit the Gallery here


micFireproof - Action Squads!
FIREPROOF is an action-packed love story from the creators of FACING THE GIANTS that opens September 26 in theaters across the country. FIREPROOF Action Squads allow churches, businesses, groups, and individuals to support FIREPROOF and impact marriages in their communities on Opening Weekend ... and beyond. Don't forget to visit their blog and resources site which is LOADED with useful material for your marriage, your church, etc.

Click here for more 'Action Squad' info

micNO Greater LOVE - Teaser Trailer Available!
A new film NO GREATER LOVE is coming soon and along with their website and blog, they now have a Teaser Trailer available. Visit the homepage to see the trailer. They even have it available in HD formats!

Visit the NO Greater LOVE website

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